Environmentally Friendly Extermination and Disposal

Extermin The Vermin will at all times use environmentally friendly means to prevent or eradicate infestations and vermin.

Pest Control Chemicals
Pest control chemicals are a group of chemicals used to control, repel or kill pests and prevent or control animal diseases.

They include chemicals often referred to as pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, weedicides, rodenticides, biocides and repellents.

Pest control chemicals are widely used in primary production, for commercial purposes and in domestic situations.

Can pest contol chemicals be avoided?
In many cases, there are other ways of dealing with pests.
These include: Eliminating the conditions that insect and rodent pests prefer, for example, clearing away food scraps that may attract flies, ants and cockroaches.
Creating physical barriers such as flyscreens to prevent the entry of pests.
Physically removing weeds or using mulch to prevent weed growth.
Maintaining good hygiene standards for humans and animals.
Consulting your local garden centre or horticulturist for advice on pest control using natural predators and intercropping, such as
planting marigolds amongst tomatoes to control nematode.

Sometimes prevention will not be fully effective and the use of pest control chemicals will be necessary but be rest assured that protection of our environment is a top priority.