Policy Statement

“Extermin The Vermin is committed to offering a comprehensive, quality pest control service, in which it will prioritise the use of its resources to address pests of public health risk.”

Health and Safety Issues
Extermin The Vermin recognises its duties under Health and Safety legislation and will take all reasonably practicable steps to prevent any risk to health arising from its pest control treatments.

Extermin The Vermin will ensure that all Pest Control Technicians are properly trained and qualified to carry out the treatments offered by the service. Administrative staff are trained to give basic advice on the full range of pest problems.

Prior to carrying out any treatment the Pest Control Technician will assess the risks of people or pets coming into contact with the pesticide to be used. Baits in kitchens and premises such as schools, nurseries etc will only be laid in protected bait containers which will be clearly marked “POISON” and will be positioned so as to minimise the risk of interference by children, vulnerable persons or animals.

Bait may be laid in open bait trays when located in areas away from children and animals such as in lofts. The Pest Control Technician will assess the risk before he puts the poison down. It should be noted that the poison that is used for rats and mice contains BITREX which makes the poison unpalatable to humans and most pets.

Occupiers of premises where bait or insecticide has been laid, will be given safety information detailing the type of pesticide used together with a safe procedure for disposing of dead rodents in order to minimise the risk of secondary poisoning of other animals.

In the case of rats and mice Pest Control Technicians will revisit premises to check the effectiveness of the treatment and to collect unused rodenticide wherever practicable.

Our vermin and pest extermination services covers areas within South Birmingham and North Worcestershire which includes: Birmingham, Redditch, Bromsgrove, Halesowen, Barnt Green and Chaddesley Corbett.